The Big Fat Dandy Basket ( large )

The Big Fat Dandy Basket ( large )

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Get your drunch on with this amazing basket, specially designed by Big Fat x Dandy x Jade Forest 
1. Truffle mayo 
2. Bacon onion jam / onion jam 
3. Date and time cream cheese 
4. Garlic and herb cream cheese
5. Sesame bagels (Qty 4)
6. Black bean chilli
7. Dandy premixes (Qty 2)
Settling Tea - passionfruit, green tea, kaffir lime (pair with vodka)
London Dry Betel - elderflower, lime, betel leaf extract (pair with gin & tonic)
8. Jade forest tonic water (Qty 2 )
9. Table cloth 
10. Paper straws 



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