Love Kombucha - Vanilla Bean 250 ml

Love Kombucha - Vanilla Bean 250 ml

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A pick me up with vanilla bean.

Process: Fermented for two weeks, Bhu Kombucha is infused with healing botanicals & herbs for a bouquet of elegant notes. Yeast strands signal healthy, probiotic-rich, natural kombucha. 

Benefits: Heals your liver. Improves digestion. Increases energy & immune support. Reduces joint pain.

How to: Drink with ice. Start with 100 ml. Always refrigerate. Never shake.

Children under four & pregnant or lactating mothers should consult a doctor before drinking. 

Shelf life : 3 months 

Contains live bacteria. Fermentation causes trace amounts of ABV.

Ingredients: Organic green tea, sulphur-less sugar & vanilla bean (.25%)



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