Four Mushroom Burger Kit Veg(serves 2)

Four Mushroom Burger Kit Veg(serves 2)

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DIY BURGER KIT(serves 2)


2 Sesame burger buns

2 Mushroom patty - Shiitake, Button, Cremini and Farm

60g Cheese blend ( Cheddar, mozzarella and monetary jack)

60g Jalapeno Cream Cheese

60g Truffle Mayonnaise 

Create your favourite big fat burger with these five easy steps.

Step 1 : Smash it! Smash your patty on a non stick pan

Step 2 : Top it! Add your condiments to your pan such as bacon, cheese etc

Step 3: Slice and toast it! Slice your bun, add some butter and toast or grill them. Step 4: Layer it! Layer your burger according to the given instructions

Step 5 : Bite it! Bite into the burger and enjoy

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