Conchiglie - Wholewheat & Semolina (Eggless) 250 gm

Conchiglie - Wholewheat & Semolina (Eggless) 250 gm

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Organic Whole Wheat, Organic Semolina, Olive Oil

3 months from manufacturing

We are in partnership with Donna Pastaia for our hand rolled fresh pasta.

Conchiglie (pronounced as con-KEEL-yay) are literally translated to mean seashells. Shaped like an open shell, we make our conchiglie with organic wholewheat and organic semolina . These are extruded through traditional bronze dies which adds a beautiful texture to the pasta. Bronze extruded pasta is considered far superior in taste and texture to their commercial counterparts. You'll have to try them for yourselves to know!

All our pastas are made in small batches, using handpicked ingredients and dried using time tested traditional techniques over a long duration at low temperatures to retain the nutritional integrity of the beautiful ingredients. To be stored at room temperature, shelf life of 3 months from manufacturing.

1. Bring a pot of water to boil; add salt to boiling water
2. Add pasta to salted boiling water, stir gently occasionally
3. Al dente in 3-4 minutes. Once done toss straight into sauce for best results. Best eaten immediately after cooking.





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